The R User Conference 2016

June 27 - June 30 2016
Stanford University, Stanford, California

Effective Shiny Programming

Joe Cheng, RStudio, Inc.

Post-tutorial notes

The materials used in the tutorial are available here.

Tutorial Description

Shiny is a package for R that makes it easy to build interactive applications that combine the friendliness of a web page with the power of R. The goal of this tutorial is to help Shiny app authors to improve their Shiny skills, so that they can build apps that are easier to write, debug, and enhance.

Tutorial Outline

  1. Reactive programming: Gain a deeper understanding of Shiny's reactive programming paradigm, which is essential for building robust, efficient apps.
  2. Bookmarkable state and database integration: Get a preview of these major new features from the next release of Shiny.
  3. Tips and tricks: Learn about handy features like req(), cancelOutput(), and reactivePoll(), and how they can help you write more sophisticated apps.

Background Knowledge

This tutorial is intended for R users who already have experience building Shiny apps and are looking to dive deeper. Attendees are expected to have completed the online tutorial at, and to have created one or two original apps.
Much of the material is in the form of hands-on exercises, so attendees will be expected to bring their own laptop.

Instructor Biography

Joe Cheng is the CTO of RStudio, Inc. He is the creator of Shiny, and several other R packages including htmltools, httpuv, and leaflet.

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